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Goggin-Carroll promotes togetherness in its Irish dance programs

The Goggin-Stewart School of Irish Dance (founded in 2023 after having operated as Goggin-Carroll from 2003-2023 and Goggin School from 1991-2003) offers both recreational and competitive Irish dance programs for children and young adults in Oakville, London, and St. Thomas, Ontario.

The instructors of Goggin-Stewart are committed to providing quality Irish dance programs that will teach coordination, goal-setting, discipline and personal responsibility, while improving a dancer's self-esteem and enhancing their social and physical development.  


Students will learn a bit of history and Irish culture through traditional team and solo dances (which remain virtually unchanged after over 150 years), along with contemporary dances which are constantly evolving.

Not every dancer will become a champion, but every dancer will be provided the stimulus and opportunity to become the best dancer and student they can be.  All of these skills will benefit them not only when performing, but in academics, careers and personal relationships as well.

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