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Barbara Goggin, T.C.R.G., A.D.C.R.G.

As a retired championship level Irish dancer of 17 years and principal instructor of the Oakville and Windsor locations, Barb oversees all competitive Irish dance classes from Beginner to Open Championship.  Barb began assisting with her teacher (Yvonne Kelly of the O'Ceallaigh School) and has been a certified teacher (T.C.R.G.) since 1989. Barb has designed each of her school costumes over the years and she continues to use her creative talents by assisting in designing solo dance costumes and helping to select the best colours, fits and designs for the dancers. Barb's passion for team dancing has helped to build a strong reputation for this school with traditional ceili dances and figure choreographies, and was instrumental in the School's success at the 2013 World Championships where the minor team brought back the School's first world medal for teams, and two years later, placed third, capturing the first World globe for the School. Barb has trained soloists and teams for Regional, North American and World Championship competitions and takes pride in all achievements by the dancers, whether they are regional titles or personal bests.  Barb was certified as an adjudicator (A.D.C.R.G) in 2019 and has become very visible across the competition scene in North America.

Lauren Stewart, T.C.R.G.

Lauren started Irish dancing at the age of seven with the Goggin School. She danced her entire career with Barb Goggin and Ryan Carroll as her mentors and she went on to win three Eastern Canadian championships with Goggin-Carroll; finished seventh at the North American championships; recalled to the final round four times at the World Championships and ended her competitive dancing days with a top 20 World Medal - her overall dancing dream.  Lauren began helping in Beginner level Irish dance classes at 14, and soon identified that the passion and love she has for Irish dancing needed to be shared.  Lauren qualified as a certified Irish dance teacher (T.C.R.G.) in 2012 and partnered with Barb Goggin in late 2003.  Lauren teaches all levels at Goggin-Stewart with a special focus toward health and fitness for the elite level dancers.  Additionally, Lauren obtained her E.C.E. degree from Ryerson University in 2014.

Jacqueline Boutilier, T.C.R.G.

Jacqueline began dancing with Goggin-Carroll at ten years of age and quickly fell in love with the sport.  Over the next decade she enjoyed competing alongside her closest friends in both solo and teams.  Her proudest accomplishments include finishing top 5 in Eastern Canada, top 20 in North America and ending her career competing at the World Championships, her ultimate dancing goal.  Outside of dance, she obtained both an undergraduate and master’s degree in Math and is currently a high school teacher in Halton.  After being an assistant dance teacher for several years, Jacqueline earned her T.C.R.G. in 2022 and is based in our Oakville studio. 

Rachel Leigh Morris, T.C.R.G.

Rachel earned her T.C.R.G in 2022, and is the primary instructor of our London and St. Thomas studios.  Rachel teaches all levels with tremendous enthusiasm and fairness, pushing each dancer to want to be their best.

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