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Goggin-Carroll Irish dancers proudly displaying Grade Exam certificates

Irish dancing Grade Examinations test dancers on a range of traditional and contemporary solo and team dances, and there are 12 grades in total.  The exams are officiated by a Grade Examiner certified by An Coimisiun le Rinci Gaelacha of Dublin, Ireland.  

 Goggin-Stewart is very proud to have so many alumni who have completed the program, making them eligible to sit for their TCRG (teacher's exam).

We congratulate them and the rest of our dancers on their path toward graduation!

Grade 12 Graduates

Katie Holbrook - Graduated in 2014 (the first person in Canada)
Claire Chernowsky - Graduated in 2015
Isabella Simms - Graduated in 2016
Lauren Pope - Graduated in 2019
Kylie Paliani - Graduated in 2021
Grace Bowman - Graduated in 2021
Cecilia Wojcik - Graduated in 2021
Jacqueline Boutilier - Graduated in 2022
Sonja Cestnik - Graduated in 2022
Brenna Allore - Graduated in 2022

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